Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact procedure for selling my miles to MyleFly?

After filling in the details of the airline and amount of miles that you have at your loyalty program at the home page we display the amount of miles that we offer to buy from you and the price we will pay for it. Assuming you wish to proceed, fill in your name and email and we will email you the procedure that involves few simple steps:

1. Replying our email with few screen shots from your loyalty program to veriy your account.

2. Once verified we pay upfront for your miles.

3. Once you see the payment you send us your credentials so we can be able to book award tickets to our passengers once we get proper demand.

When can I change the password to my loyalty program knowing that MyleFly are done with my account?

Since we nee access to the account after we book in order to change or cancel and recook flights, you can change the password to your account when the last flight that we book (and uses all miles that we have purchased) departs. We will update you when you can change the access details or you can check it yourself by revewing the dates of the flights we book.

Am I doing anything illegal by selling my miles?

There is nothing illegal in selling miles as there is no law that forbids it anywhere. Some airlines do restrict it in their T&Cs and whether this restriction of theirs is legal should be determined in court, the most they can do is set sanctions within their loyalty program such as suspending or closing an account (a new account can then be opened) and canceling the award flights booked.

For this reason we try to buy upfront an amount o miles that is closest as possible to the full amount of miles at each account while paying upfront and that way take the risk of miles that are erased from an account and its booked flights on ourselves.

At what stage do you pay me and how?

We validate the frequent flyer account by asking to see few screen shots. Following an approval from our side that account is validated we pay upfront prior to receiving the login information to the account. 

We pay via Paypal or a wire transfer based on the amount to be paid and the location of  the seller. For some accounts we will also ask for a copy of the seller's ID as part of our risk management.

When will the miles be used an for how long will you need access to my account?

We can not anticipate when we will have proper demand for the miles we bought but we have an interest to sell them as flight tickets as son as we can due to the cash flow consideration at which we paid you upfront and need to cover that cost.

Usually it takes between few weeks to even few months to use the miles and update our sellers that we no longer need access to the account. The time it takes depends on the airline, the low/hot season and other parameters.

It isimportant not to change the access details to the account until the last flight that we book is flown since sometimes, even after a booking is made there are still changes and cancellations that will then be rebooked.

Why do I nee to give access to my account? Can't you just transfer the miles from my frequent flyer account to yours?

We wish it could be possible to transfer the miles from your account to ours. For most airlines it is not possible and for those that do enable it, the cost they charge for this transfer per each mile will turn this whole transaction to none profitable which is why we will need access to your account after we pay for your miles.

Could it be that you will use more miles than those you paid for?

Based on the miles you have at your account we look for the most popular ticket which requires the amount of miles that is the closest to your miles balance and we offer you that we buy this amount upfront.

We specify at our initial price offer that we will try to use more mile if we find proper demand and in that case pay accordingly. In case you specify that you don't want us to buy more miles than initially paid for then we won't.

It does take us up to 2 business days to see the actual usage and if overused to pay accordingly but you will anyway receive from the airline an email after each booking so you will be on top of everything this whole time.

Is there anything you change or use from the data at my account?

All that we need to do is redeem miles to award tickets from your account. With some airlines we will need to receive a PIN code or upgrade your account status for which we may temporary need to use our mobile number or address.

In this rare scenario we will revert to your original data following our operation and in any case we never change your email or use any of your data for any purpose. The sole purpose of entering your accounnt is to use the miles we paid for.

Do you buy the award miles or the status miles?

We buy miles for the purpose of booking with it award tickets. The only miles that can be used for that purpose are the award miles which are the ones we buy and use.

Will your booking of miles decrease my status miles and my tier level at the loyalty program?

Booking award tickets does not decrease or impact the award miles balance or tier level in any way. 

Status miles are increased from booking revenue flights and rconverting credir card and other airline partner's services while award miles are decreased from usage of miles.

How can I trust MyleFly with my account's credentials?

Following 620M miles that have been bought by MyleFly from frequent flyers all over the globe since 2012 targeting about 50 different programs we can assure you that our integrity and reputation is our top priority. Furthermore, a large portion of our customers are repetitive ones and references from satisfied customers that have already sold us their miles therefore, our main goal is to complete a successful transaction and receive references from our customers which is how the company grow over the years.

Can I treat 2 accounts of the same airline from 2 of my amily members as 1 larger account?

Since it is not possible to transfer miles between accounts in most airliines (and for those who allow it, the charge makes it not beneficial) we must treat each account separately. This means that in each account there must be an amount of miles which is aboce our minimum. account can not be "pooled" or "household" account (should be splitted to individual accounts in case it is) and price per mile is quoted by us per each account.

What about hotels and credit cards points?

MyleFly specilizes in airline miles however we do buy points of leading hotel programs. As for credit card points we will buy them once they are converted to airline miles.

For any query about buying miles and points that are not listed at our airline's drop box please fill in the contact us form and we will manually handle your request using our global network of travel agencies.

Some of my miles will soon expire. Will you buy those?

We do treat expiring miles different and buying expiring miles depends on the time frame until they will expire and on their program. Based on that data and market demand we will determine whether we can buy the mile, buy some of them or in some cases put the efforts to find demand for expiring miles without paying for them upfront.

Please note that the official price quote of ours assume that miles do not expire for at least  6 months although we will buy miles that expire sooner for most programs.

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